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Spray Tanning

Our tanning solution offers the most natural looking tan available.


Our Solutions contains high quality DHA, a tanning agent that offers an expensive looking, deep bronzed, holiday tan that develops in hours and out performs competitors solutions by far.



Our Solutions smell fresh and clean and do not have the stale smell that most solutions exhibit when they start to develop.


We offer a wide choice of solution strengths, to suit any skin type and for any depth of tan.


For fair skin or if you are looking for a sun kissed tan we recommend 9% to 12% DHA. For medium skin types a 12% or 16% solution will give a stunning Mediterranean look. Or 20% offers the ultimate, ultra dark, just back from the Caribbean holiday style tan.


There is no ORANGE in our solutions, just a gorgeous rich looking bronze for a flawless tan.


With the correct aftercare your tan will fade without patchiness just like a natural spray tan.


We have Express Spray tanning avaiable to wash off within 1 hour.


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