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GelColor by OPI / Shellac

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OPI GelColor AND Gellux Gel Manicures for faster, longer-lasting manicures
Want your polish to last a minimum of 2 weeks without chipping?
Try our Gel systems in the salon today with 130+ colours to choose from!

Gel colours have shine intense colours with unbeatable fast application, the fastest on the market today!

No matter how careful you are, your nails always end up with smudges, scratches, and other unsightly flaws. You often just end up removing them immediately, after spending forever to apply them. Manicures shouldn’t have to be so difficult! Not everyone can afford a leisurely day to let their nails cure while having afternoon tea or shopping, so in times like this us women-on-the-go need a solution that gives us hot nails at a fraction of the time!


Enter OPI GelColor and Gellux Manicures/Pedicures which offer resilient, high-shine manicures within minutes and last from two to three weeks! This 100% gel formula takes four minutes per set hands or feet (not including normal nail prep) and can easily be removed in 15 minutes with individual fingertip soak-off sleeves, without nail or cuticle damage. We also have a nail steamer in the salon for the very best and safe removal of gels. If required we will use nail protectors under the gel to make sure even the weakest of nails are looked after under the Gel. 


We currently have over 130 Gel Nail Colours to choose from in the salon with something for everyone!


 GelColor by OPI

Fingers (Colour) £18


Toes (Colour) £20


French (Fingers or Toes) £20


All Gel Services include Nail Prep

(Shape, Cuticle work, Paint and Cuticle Oil)


Want something a little bit different then why not try:


Nail art from 50p per nail


Removal £10

Removal if applied by us in the salon FREE 

Removal plus Mini Manicure £12 .


Full Manicure with Gel Finish  £27

Full Pedicure with Gel Finish  £29

gel color2 
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